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Shi blockade is mainly used in railway, highway, port and air cargo packaging
Integrity management
Using foreign advanced technology, effectively guarantee
Is the design, production, sales and service as one of the enterprises.

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     The company specializing in the production of blockade; anti-theft seals, wire seals; railway Shi blockade; plastic seals, meter seals, water meter seals, the State Grid new seals, South network seals, tankers Shi blockade, container seals, containers Seals, metal seals, plastic seals and other sealing products, with low cost, good anti-theft characteristics. At the same time for customers to develop exclusive anti-counterfeiting, anti-theft solutions to protect the customer's material from loss. The use of foreign advanced technology, effectively guarantee the safety and quality of products. Our products have been sold all over the country, widely used in instruments, table, gas meter, power supply, gas supply


Open and enterprising, advancing with the times, to create first-class quality
Shi blockade is the Ministry of Railways industry within the seal of a product name, Shi: implementation, seal: seal, closed, lock: lock  Detail>>

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